A Brief history


Our original name was Able Enterprises (AE) and our first job was a milk meter valve assembly with an inexpensive rubber seal that needed to be replaced annually. The issue was that the assembly was very expensive, and it could only be manufactured in a high tech facility with load sensitive presses. An Optical Comparator was then used to verify it was built correctly.


The engineers said it would be impossible to install these rubber seals in the field to the required specifications. This became a challenge to us and a “very rough” prototype was made. The prototype proved it was possible. Our name ABLE was chosen because we were “able” to provide a solution to this problem.


In 2006 we formalized our business, our official name changed to Able Fab n Weld, LLC. Below is a brief timeline:

  • 1990 AE started in Arvada, Colorado. A valve changer was developed and manufactured. Also washed/tested/boxed RF ID cow tags.
  • 1991 Relocated to Galesville, Wisconsin. AE continued making valve changers, specialized packing material and a few other products.
  • 2005 Glenn G. became a full time employee of AE…
  • 2006 Changed the name to Able Fab n Weld, LLC (AFnW)... AFnW started to manufacture Stainless Steel and High Density Polyethylene machined or fabricated products. Glenn took classes for Autodesk Inventor (3D solid modeling software).
  • 2007 – 2011 Business grew steadily, and ramped up to 4 employees. Additional fabrication and machining equipment and a state of the art TIG welding machine was purchased to better satisfy our customers. A CNC Router was purchases in 2011. During this time our facility limited us to manufacturing/ fabricating/machining only small parts.
  • 2012 Moved from a 2500 square ft to a 5000 square ft facility in Galesville, WI. Two seats of 3D SolidWorks software, a state of the art MIG welder, large forklift, and various other machines were purchased. The additional room allowed us to do large projects that we previously had to turn down.
  • 2013 The business continues to diversify; we are now, spinning metal, fabricating large and small polished or unpolished weldments, and other equipment for the food service, architectural, dairy, and various other industries. Currently our staff includes a General Manager, Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer/Operations Manager, Welding/Fabrication Manager and several other employees. We are currently planning to increase our facility to 8200 square feet to house our growing business and production needs.

About us

At Able Fab 'n Weld, we meet our customer's needs for a wide variety of applications — providing REAL SOLUTIONS. Our extensive experience serve many industries including Dairy • Food Precessing • Controls / Custom Solutions • Customized Patterns and Fixtures • Customized Van / Truck Shelving . . .
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