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ABLE Fab n Weld’s Extensive Experience in Design and Manufacturing
serves a wide array of industries and custom products:

  • Dairy Industry
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Controls and Custom Solutions
  • Customized Patterns and Fixtures
  • Customized Van / Truck Shelving Industry

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CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing SolidWorks 3D design software • Enables us to quickly transform new ideas into great products. • 3D modeling provides a visually accurate design so customers can see their product before the parts are actually made. BobCAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing Software) • Generates CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine code. • CNC Art Software - BobART generates code from pictures or scanned objects.


Manufacturing: Sheet Metal Parts • Wire/Rod forming • Angle Iron shearing (6 x 6) w/square ends • Tube Bending • Spin Forming • Laser/WaterJet cutting / Metal Welding: Spot Welding capability: ¼”– 28 gauge. • Experienced Welders • Stainless Steel • Aluminum • Mild Steel • Various Other Metals • From Sheet Metal to Heavy Plate • Large and Small Weldments Capability

Plastics and Surface Finishing

Plastic Parts: Plastic Part Design • Plastic Part Fabrication • CNC Machining of complex profiles to accurate dimensions / Surface Finishing: Portable Roughness Finish Gauge to verify a 3A equivalent finish • Tumbling • Powder Coat • Electro-polishing • Sand Blasting • Graining of Stainless Steel

Assemby and Stock Raw Material

Assembly: Turnkey Assemblies • Parts Kits - for customer assembly • Logistics Management / Stocked Raw Materials: 1/16 to 2 ½ inch thick White High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) • 3/8 to 2 inch thick Black High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) • Stainless Steel angle iron, flat and round bar, tubing and pipe. • Stainless Steel Hardware • Lexan (Polycarbonate) and Other materials

With over 50 years of combined engineering and manufacturing knowledge and experience, our highly trained staff is ready and "able" to resolve your business obstacles with reliable solutions and custom products — we meet our customer’s needs for a wide variety of product applications! Contact us today (use form below) and get started with a free initial consultation.
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At Able Fab 'n Weld, we meet our customer's needs for a wide variety of applications — providing REAL SOLUTIONS.
Our extensive knowledge and experience serve many industries including Dairy • Food Precessing • Controls / Custom Solutions • Customized Patterns and Fixtures • Customized Van / Truck Shelving . . .

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